Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ellie on two wheels

So we all knew that when Ellie was ready to try riding on two wheels she would let us know. When Lola tried and master the two wheel bike this past summer, Ellie expressed no interest and we were okay with it. I am not sure what came over her, but yesterday (right after I got home from the ER mind you ) she decided that was moment she wanted to learn and master riding a two wheel bike. Good thing Emma and daddy were here to run after her, because I was in no condition to run. Our little determined Ellie mastered the two wheel bike riding after about only two tries. Each time should would attempt riding and suceed, she would shout "again, again!" This little girl would not stop. We are so proud of her. So of course we had to make a stop at Target today to get her, her very own kick stand! 

Check out Ellie's skills below. One of my favorite parts about this video is that you can hear Lola cheering her sister on! Also Lola learned today how to start off completely on her own, also captured in the video. Way to go Elle, I love your excitiment!

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