Wednesday, October 9, 2013

fun in the fall?

Though these pictures might look like it's still summer.. that's how we roll in San Diego! One cool thing about San Diego in the fall is the Santa Annas that blow in from the east. They warm up our coast and provide for many addition beach days. Of course we have to take advantage of them!
This was just a mommy and girls beach day in Ocean Beach. It was one of the most relaxing beach days we have had all year. The girls and I spent a few hours just "making smoothies" out of sand of course, finding shells, and laying in the shade under the umbrella. Simple, happy, moments.

This day we headed up to Huntington Beach to meet my friend Anida and her kiddos Kaiden and Anabelle. It was a fantastic beach day complete with perfect weather, clear warm water, and fun friends.
Volcanoes are being made at this beach...

Lola and Kaiden are like two peas in a pod. They both have a very shy domineer, but love to have fun at the same time. They get along so well. They are always laughing. Just look at them.

Ellie has fun too!

Anabelle chose to get in on some tickles from her mama instead of get wet.
She didn't know what she was missing, but was having fun anyway.
Simply Lola.
Okay, so despite the weather, there is no denying that it's fall. Football dominates our TV. And to Tony's surprise his little ladies love to watch football with him! They decided to pull the kitchen stools into the living room one Saturday afternoon so they can watch football from daddy vantage point. Precious. One proud daddy that's for sure.


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