Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkins, Parties, and Poppi

We attended a pumpkin party at our church this past weekend. It started with some dinner and of course dessert. The girls got to decorate cupcakes with their Sunday friends.
Anna, Lola, and Ellie
After the cupcakes were decorated we headed outside to carve pumpkins. Except, Ellie takes after her mothers and doesn't love carving pumpkins, she decided to draw four different faces on each side of her pumpkin.

After all the kiddos were done carving we headed into church,
where Pastor John gave a lesson on Halloween. It was kind of dark in there, I am so surprised how attentive the girls were and how they  just sat with their whole group of friends.

Poppi was down for a visit, he had yet to meet his newest grand baby, Sydney. Even though Sydney's birth prompted the visit, the girls still got plenty of Poppi time. After soccer practice on Saturday we headed out for donuts and a stop at the library. Poppi and the girls colored!

Aiden turns seven! How did that happen so fast? Well, we helped Aiden celebrate his birthday with a little bowling and a lot of fun at the game center.

Daddy even got to bowl!

Look closely at the score board... can you see who won? You're right, it's Lola. her first time bowling she scores a 68 and beats the whole team (Carri was a mom too).
Caden, Liam, Ellie, Aiden, Lola, and Chase

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  1. Awesome blog!! The kids are looking awesome and it seems like they are having good time together. The pumpkin faces are really great. It reminded me of my Halloween party that was arranged at one of Los Angeles event venues. We all had fun that day.


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