Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Our morning started out like the rest of our Thanksgivings. I was not hosting Thanksgiving this year so we all got to relax, watch the parade/football, drink mimosas and or sparkling cider, and check out the black Friday deals. Both the girls were really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. When I asked them what they were most looking forward to they said, "drinking sparkling apple cider out of a mommy cup." So by 9:30am their day was made! 

Lola, Ellie, Daddy, and Mommy
Oh did I forget to say we enjoyed some awesome pretzel cinnamon bread too!

Off to Emma's to prepare the Turkey and eat up! 
Lola checking it out… yep it's ready!
A little fresh air before dinner won't hurt… flying high!

A nap before dinner won't hurt either… 
Ellie's out for the count, while Lola is anxiously waiting for some turkey!
The table and Spread...
My girls…I'm so thankful for these faces!
Lola, Emma, and Ellie. 

 These girls have a new best friend… Chad! 

The whole gang…
Stacie, Ellie, Mike, Chad, Emma, Lola, Uncle Drew, and Tony
The whole gang … just a bit crazy this time. 
I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A preschool Thanksgiving

On Monday, the girls had a Thanksgiving Feast at their preschool. What a fun day for them. They were so excited that I was able to come to their preschool and help out. I love getting a glimpse of their preschool world! The girls and boys made pilgrim hats and ate a family style Thanksgiving lunch with their family and friends. It was so fun for Lola and Ellie!


Ellie with her friend and fellow twin, Connor.
Lola with her friend Kaelyn
My girls and Me… 

I had to snap a few shots of the art displayed in their class. 
I loved reading what they are Thankful for! 

Now that preschool is done fore the week, it's time to take advantage of this break and have some fun!
Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving week!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Lola and Ellie love to play "traffic" it is their go to free time game… 
they do not take after their mom in this arena, there is nothing about traffic I enjoy!
I love their cerativity.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

family biking

This past weekend was perfect for getting outside and having a little fun. Yes it's November, but the weather was just too nice to stay inside. In addition to swimming and paddle boarding this past four-day-weekend, we headed out to the bay for our first official family bike ride without training wheels. It was great. I even took my bike out and could barely keep up with these little speed demons. This outing, definitely prompted Tony to start the process of getting new wheelchair, first requirement… more speed! He is tired of being beat by his little ladies. 

Lola and Ellie looking like pros!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Destroyers ... season wrap up

Now it wouldn't be an official soccer season without these photos right. 
Orange slice smiles are the best!

Below: a compilation of shots from the second half of our season. 
Huddling up with Coach Leslie.
Flag tag... yes that's Poppi, he was able to join in on practice one Saturday. 

We even had some practice games!

The final practice, complete with an official scrimmage. 
Red vs. White
 Ellie at goalie
 We have some men down... but Lola is still up and going! 
 She shoots!

 Lola at Goalie!
 Goal Kick
We are not sure which team won the scrimmage, but all had fun! 
Of to the season ending party! 
 Dan and Renee hosted the end of the year party. Amy, being the creative one, made team pictures and gave each team member a solo picture and a price ribbon. I'm telling you we're official! 
One more successful "mom and pop" soccer season down! Great Times.
Go Destroyers! 
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