Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A preschool Thanksgiving

On Monday, the girls had a Thanksgiving Feast at their preschool. What a fun day for them. They were so excited that I was able to come to their preschool and help out. I love getting a glimpse of their preschool world! The girls and boys made pilgrim hats and ate a family style Thanksgiving lunch with their family and friends. It was so fun for Lola and Ellie!


Ellie with her friend and fellow twin, Connor.
Lola with her friend Kaelyn
My girls and Me… 

I had to snap a few shots of the art displayed in their class. 
I loved reading what they are Thankful for! 

Now that preschool is done fore the week, it's time to take advantage of this break and have some fun!
Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving week!

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