Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Night 2013

As the Halloween season comes to it's peak, Halloween night, I always feel like we must just power through, rally for the kids, and make the final haul to the finish line. Halloween season is so packed full of fun activities, by the time Halloween night comes I am exhausted. But as all parents know these moments are not ever lasting, so we must rally on behalf of our kids and the memories that will be made. That being said, Tony and I put our fatigue aside and got dressed up to celebrate this much anticipated holiday with our two favorite ladies. 

I went as a black cat and Tony as mean skeleton.

We mixed it up this Halloween and started out the evening tick-or-treating with our cousins and some friends. This neighborhood was awesome! It was a military neighborhood where almost all the houses were decked out with decoration and the streets were lined with kids! 
Of course all the kiddos had to pose for pics before we headed out. 

Lola, our little kitty, Daddy, and Ellie as Darth Vader
Family pictures
Cousins are the best! 
Ellie (Darth), Liam (Buzz Light Year), Aiden (Police Man), and Lola (little kitty).
Big family pics with Auntie Missi too! 
We had some time to play before we headed out trick-or-treating. Vader and Kitty on the scooters. 
Sydney snoozed through all the festivities, smart girl- she let her brothers do all the work. 
Crazy Kids... parents having a bit of fun!

smiling sisters

Time to head out and get some CANDY!! These kiddos ran and ran to get the goods. 

The cars were even passing out candy in this neighborhood! 

Off to Emma's house for a dinner break and a second round of trick or treating. 
The girls wanted to trick Emma by ringing her doorbell and saying trick-or-treat.
The girls love to answer the door and hand out candy too. 
Emma and Uncle Drew dressed up to complement Ellie's Darth Vader, making a Star Wars theme.  
Lola, Daddy, Ellie, Emma (princess Amidala), Uncle Drew (Storm trooper)

Trick-or-treating in Point Loma

Oh what a night, so fun, yet so glad it only happens once a year! 
Happy Halloween. 

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