Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Preschool Christmas 2013

Lola and Ellie's teacher emailed me this photo while I was at work. I absolutely love how I get these cute updates from this fantastic little preschool! The girls are  playing outside together with there friends all bundled up for this "winter weather." 

Action shots of Lola and Ellie making Christmas Ornaments for their classroom Christmas tree. 

PJ day at preschool!
Billy, Ellie, Ellie, and Lola. 
(yes, the girls' best friend in preschool is named Ellie too)

Preschool Parent night out!!! 
This was such an exciting event for the girls. The preschool hosted a free night out for the parents. Where they opened the preschool back up from 6:00pm to 10:00pm so parents could got out without their kids. Tony and I took advantage of this and went on a dinner date and finished up some last minute Christmas shopping. The kids, made ginger bread cookies, watched movies, sate popcorn, and had a BLAST!

Field trip to sing Christmas carols at a Retirement home 
This trip was on a school day that both Lola and Ellie do not attend, but Ellie really wanted to go so we sent her to school without her sister to attend this event. She loved it and had a great time singing to all the people in the home. 

Preschool Christmas Classroom Art! 
Lola's reindeer                        Ellie's reindeer 

 Ellie's nativity scene made from paint and toilet paper rolls. 
  Lola's nativity scene made from paint and toilet paper rolls. 
 Lola's hand print Santa with her Santa wish!
Ellie's hand print Santa with her Santa wish. 
 Christmas means...

 Nutcrackers made by the girls.
 Handmade Christmas Ornaments from Lola and Ellie. 
Love these!

Preschool Performance and Celebration! 
The last day of preschool before the break the girls had a performance and party for the parents and family. I couldn't help but snap these sweet photos of the girls anxiously waiting in their classroom for the fun to start. 

 All of the preschool children's sang together. They sang, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, We Wish You  a Merry Christmas, and Jingle Bells. It was too, too cute! Lola is in the back row to the left and Ellie in in the second to back row and the right. 

Ellie's going to kill me one day for posting these pictures, 
but I guess during the story Ms. Rebecca was reading she got a little bored….
 bored enough to start doing this… with TWO fingers no less. 
 After the story was read, a special visitor came… SANTA!

I am loving the experience these little ladies are getting form their preschool. All of these events, activities, and projects make the holidays that much more meaningful! 

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