Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas festivities in full swing

Boat Parade of Lights
This past weekend we headed out for the second year in a row to watch the light adorned boats cruise the San Diego Harbor. Like last year, it was a fantastic evening. The weather was warmer this year and our friends Kathleen, Kevin, Bailey, and Mike joined us for the fun! 
The girls love where we choose to watch the boats…by the Shelter Island park!
Pic-Nic Time!
The sky was absolutely gorgeous this night!
Lola, Bailey, and Ellie
Santa even stopped by the park on his way to view the parade. 

Let the parade begin...

Garden of Lights!
Mid-week we headed to the Botanical Gardens to take in the Christmas festivities there. Emma and Uncle Drew joined us for this evening of Fun. 
We started off by roasting a few marshmallows. 

And then walked the gardens to see all the lights… it was so beautiful. 
The girls found a hill to roll down…to be a kid. 
Next up some carolers caroling. 
Ellie and Lola went up front to help the carolers sing. 

There was bit of dancing going on too!

The season wouldn't be complete without a Gingerbread House!

There you go... the girls' first gingerbread house. 

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