Monday, December 23, 2013

rolling 'em

So this year I didn't bake, there simply wasn't enough Saturdays in December. Instead, what I did decide to do was attempt making cinnamon rolls from scratch. I always serve cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and it was about time that I learned/attempted to make homemade cinnamon rolls. I went all out even using yeast for the first time. Not to give away the ending… but I think my efforts were not in vain and the cinnamon rolls were a success. Though I would only let the girls taste a piece of them as we were saving our batch for Christmas morning. We shared the remainder of our eight pans of homemade cinnamon rolls with our neighbors and friends. 

The girls were so excited to stay home in their PJs and help me with this project. 
It was a day long venture, but so fun! 
The pictorial review:

Dough ready to rise...
There was quite a bit of wait time in-between the steps… Lola and Ellie kept themselves busy. 
YES! It actually rose, the dough was complete! 
time to roll it out...

adding the good stuff...

time to make the frosting...
test batch baked and complete! success!
                             Ellie approved!                                                         eight pans done!
We did it! Such a fun day with my ladies! 
Now it's time to clean the kitchen! 

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