Sunday, December 8, 2013

Santa - 2013

It has become a little Christmas tradition, that my brother and I get together and take the cousins to see Santa. What a fun evening. All four (plus 1) of the kids were giddy with excitement to see "the real" Santa and tell him what is one their wish list. The expression on the kids' faces in Santa pictures is always classic, though the girls are not crying this year, they are a bit stunned and stuck. I made them these little Christmas skirts. Lola requested begged for me to make her a long skirt, her wish was granted. The girls were able to tell Santa a few things on their list all on their own.

These kids were so fun to watch while waiting for Santa.
The childlike magic of Christmas could be felt by all!

Two very sweet girls timidly telling Santa their wishes

The official Photos!
Lola and Ellie 

Aiden, Sydney, and Liam

The Gang
Tony, Stacie, Aiden, Ellie, Sydney, Lola, Missi, Liam, Mark

Off to Stacked for some yummy dinner. 

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