Wednesday, December 18, 2013

shopping for sister

This past weekend I took each of the girls separately to the mall so they could get a Christmas gift for their sister. It was defiantly one of my very favorite shopping experience yet. 
The girls were so happy to do this, one because they got some mommy time to themselves and two because they love their sister so much. They both knew exactly where they were headed to pick out he perfect gift… The Disney Store!

Lola and I went first. I saw this smile the whole morning. She was so happy picking out the perfect gift. It was so sweet to see how thoughtful she was and how happy she was after she picked out Ellie's gift because she knew Ellie would love it!

Ellie was next, and she simply savored every moment, took her time, and decided on the perfect gift for her sister. We must have a spent and hour in The Disney Store together… and I didn't mind one bit! 

I love how much these little ladies love each other!

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