Saturday, December 14, 2013

The OB Christmas Parade

 Last Saturday night the girls got to walk in their very first parade. We had viewed The Ocean Beach Parade last year, therefore the girls were beyond excited to march with their preschool in this event. Last Saturday happened to be the coldest day this season, you can tell from the first two pictures. 

Dressed and ready for a cold, fun night! 

 Waiting for the parade to start… 
This was a moment I wished I wasn't such a punctual person. Of course, I arrived early only to wait in the freezing cold for the rest to show up! 

 Some family shots before the marching started! 

This is the sign that led the parade of preschoolers down Newport Avenue. 
 All the wonderful preschool teachers.
Miss Gabrella, Ms. Suzie, Miss. Tori, Ms. Rebecca, and Ms. Sarah
 The whole gang of 3 and 4 year olds who decided to brave the weather and join the march. 

My Girls...

Let the Parade begin.
 Now as you can imagine walking about 20 three and four-year-olds in a parade that was about 10 blocks long was like herding cats… almost impossible. Though the kids were 100% into the parade; stopping to wave at spectators, handing out candy canes, and singing. So much so, that they paid no attention to the constant encroaching float behind us. It was an adventure for sure, but the best Christmas experience so far this season. At one point after wrangling Lola from the crowd, I looked back and Ellie is on Tony's lap speeding away form the encroaching float all the while chucking candy canes into the audience. Classic, funny... a moment I will never forget! And since it is difficult to snap pictures while you are trying to heard cats, I only captured a few of the actual parade. 

I'm loving these Christmas memories that will hopefully be remembered by our little ones!

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