Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Meteorologist

You might remember this POST when the girls made their TV debut, well this past week the girls got to make their second TV appearance and report the weather for COX channel 114. The station came to Lola and Ellie's preschool to have the preschoolers report the weather. It was such a fun morning except for the fact that we had to get the girls to preschool by 6:45 am. Ellie was all about it and was so excited to be on TV, Lola on the other hand was happy to watch her sister take the spot light. Lola did warm up though, and participated in the last broadcast. 

Here they are getting ready to go on LIVE TV!  

Ellie is a natural... 

Lola was so sweet too and did a great job! 

Here is the link to the newscast… too cute!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

loving life...4 year old style

{spending the afternoon making "SAND" angels}
{swinging hand-in-hand with your sister, your best friend}
{having miniature car races with some of your best buds on a perfect crisp morning}

{spending a lazy day riding the Coaster with the family and making an adventure out of it}

{impromptu girl party}

{spending an afternoon playing beauty shop… Who is this girl with straight hair anyway?}

Only three more weeks until these ladies turn five… I hope they still love life as much as they do now!

Friday, January 17, 2014

bro's so-cal visit!

My brother Shaun, sister-in-law Katie, and sweet niece Shaelynn came to San Diego for a visit!
We were all so excited to have them here! They picked the perfect week to come to San Diego, we could not have picked better weather. 
{The cousins: Shae, Sydney, Aiden, Liam, Ellie, and Lola}
We started off the week right with a BBQ- 
Bros at the grill! Uncle Shaun and Uncle Mark
Kid Table

Playtime… They all love Legos. 
and a little Uncle tackle

movie time
girls cousin bath time

The girls were SO excited to take Shaelynn for a ride in the new car. 
Shae was pretty excited about the riding too!

Off to enjoy this summer weather in January at La Jolla Shores Beach!
Shuan and Katie flew to San Diego from New Jersey on the heels of the east coast freeze. They were definitely enjoying the drastic change in weather. 
Shae absolutely loves the beach and Lola and Elie loved leading the way!

{Shaun, Shae, and Katie}

{Shaun, backward Shae, and Stacie}

I timed the picture just right… Uncle Shaun can jump high.. right over Ellie

Sweet Girls!

Off to Sea World. I am not sure who likes this place more Katie or Shae.

The coolest thing happened at the dolphin encounter. Ellie and I actually got to pet a dolphin. I have never done that before and Ellie was crazy excited. These dolphin were all about interacting this day!


A morning in Old Town. 
A little shopping, a little ice cream, and some fantastic Mexican food.

Pizza Parlor, cousins, and games make for a fantastic evening. 

The big kids! 
{Tony, Stacie, Mark, Missi, Katie, Shaun}
The whole gang, minus Matt and fam of course- Missed ya!

It was a great fun filled week. 
So glad we got to have them on this side of the country for a while!
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