Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas at Grandma and Poppi's - 2013

The day after Christmas, my brother Mark and I took our families and headed up north to celebrate Christmas with my parents and extended family. After a 10 hour drive with five kids (one infant) and arriving at 2:00 am, we managed to get some rest before letting the cousins do another round of presents. 

Lola, Ellie, Aiden, and Liam anxiously awaiting. 
The parents in there PJs desperately wanting more sleep!

 For some reason baby Sydney stole the show this Christmas! She's too cute!

 The girl cousins posing for a pic!
 The next day, everyone came to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with us! 
Ashely was the first to get her hands on Syd!
 GG was next!
 Jeff and Ashely
 GG, Sydney, and Great Grandpa
 GG, Sydney, Great Grandpa, Ellie, Stacie, Lola, and Tony
 Nana and Syd… I told you she was popular!
 Mark's whole family with Nana
The whole gang! 
Tony.Poppi, Liam, Aiden, Uncle Mark, Grandma, Sydney, Ellie, Auntie Missi,
Nana, Lola, Stacie, Cousin Jeff, and Cousin Ashley, GG, Grantie, and Great Grandpa
 Of course the cousins couldn't go a whole weekend without electronics...

 …or a dance party. 

While the kids continued their dance party…
the grown ups + Lola watched the Chargers make the playoffs.

Ellie and Liam didn't want to leave so they hid...Can you spot the new additions to the Nativity scene?

Good times …
 and Christmas is still not over yet, off to celebrate Christmas with Uncle Matt and family next. 

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