Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas at Uncle Matt's - 2013

One day during our visit up north, we ventured up to Santa Rosa to spend the day with Uncle Matt, Auntie Mo, Athena, Haven, and Jan. 
The cousins simply had the best time together!
{Liam (3), Aiden (7), Lola (4), Athena (11), Sydney (3mo.), Ellie (4), and Haven (8going on9)}

We all had a great time just hanging out, eating good food, celebrating Christmas and catching up! 
{Mommy, Lola, and Grandma}

{Poppi, Daddy, and Uncle Matt}
Me and My big bro Matt... I do not get to see this guy nearly enough!
{Maureen and Stacie}
While the ladies relaxed the Men took all the kids for a stroll to the river. 

{Uncle Matt and Uncle Mark}
Present time!!

I made Athena and Haven a scrap book of their trip to San Diego this summer. 
I didn't mean to make Mo cry… but hey I almost cried making it. 
Mo and I had each other's name for Christmas and we both got each other the sandals that we wanted!! 
Two Peas in a Pod

Tony's is always the popular guy when it come to iPad games. 
Now all the adults get to play with the kid presents...

My Parents, these two people...
…are responsible for this whole gang plus three more Shuan, Katie, and Shae. 
note: I kind of tripped out when I scrolled thorough the pics and I saw the picture of my folks and then the picture of all of us directly following. It is funny to trip on how families grow!

The kids table!
Mark, Mo, and Matt are playing the kitchen while
Uncle Tony tends to Sydney
Ellie and Uncle Matt

Athena is so into makeup, she desperately wanted to make over Lola and Ellie. 
I think she's pretty darn good!

Lola all made up.
Ellie all made up.
These two were cut from the same cloth. Athena and Ellie get along so well. 
They are both such little performers for sure. 
It was such a great evening!!

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