Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas evening at Emma's. 2013

After our Christmas morning was complete and all four of us took a nap, we headed over to Tony's mom's house for some more Christmas fun! The girls got spoiled all over again. 
Lola was thrilled to find the perfect car seat for her Bitty Baby under Emma's tree. 
The girls even got little outfits for their new dolls. 

Uncle Drew gave the girls this super fun basketball hoop which they love. 
I had no idea how much skill these little ladies had!

Christmas wouldn't be complete without some new Charger gear! 

Before dinner, the girls just simply played with all their new toy and us adults relaxed. 

Mezzadri family Christmas photo
Stacie, Tony, Uncle Drew, Ellie, Emma, Lola, and Mike. 

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