Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Meteorologist

You might remember this POST when the girls made their TV debut, well this past week the girls got to make their second TV appearance and report the weather for COX channel 114. The station came to Lola and Ellie's preschool to have the preschoolers report the weather. It was such a fun morning except for the fact that we had to get the girls to preschool by 6:45 am. Ellie was all about it and was so excited to be on TV, Lola on the other hand was happy to watch her sister take the spot light. Lola did warm up though, and participated in the last broadcast. 

Here they are getting ready to go on LIVE TV!  

Ellie is a natural... 

Lola was so sweet too and did a great job! 

Here is the link to the newscast… too cute!

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