Thursday, February 20, 2014

Disney Birthday {day 1 of 3}

For the past few years the girls have known that on their fifth birthday we would take them to Disneyland. Whether or not we want to admit it, we used this knoweldge to our advantage. Needless to say this trip was our dangling carrot. Veggies at dinner… no problem… the girls needed to be at least 42 inched to ride Space Mountain so they MUST eat their veggies. Mickey Mouse LOVES a clean room! Tony told many,  many stories about how there is absolutely no crying at Disneyland, those kids go home. The girls took those stories to heart because they would point out every kid at Disney that was crying and say "Oh No" they are going home now! You get the point! This trip was much anticipated by both the girls and their parents. Tony and I were looking forward to this trip just as much (maybe even more) as the girls were looking forward to it. 

Lola and Ellie's birthday adventure started before we even left home. The van was decked out with birthday streamers and  buckets full of goodies to occupy them on the ride up! 

On Sunday, the day before their birthday we made it up to Anaheim, checked in to our hotel, and then headed out for an afternoon at Downtown Disney. We made it and were ready to start what turned out to be a fantastic, fun afternoon in Downtown Disney!

The girls had received quite a bit of Disney Dollars for their birthday as well as some cash. 
They were very excited to do some shopping!!

We started out the purchases with these classic Mickey Ear hats, engraved with their names. Classic and so cute! The girls stopped at the fountain to make some birthday wishes- they hope will come true! 
{Gosh, I think they look so much alike in this photo.. crazy!}

Off to Build a Bear. The girls had their heart set on making their very own stuffed animal. They have never done one of these before and enjoyed every minute of it! Ellie decided to create a classic teddy bear while Lola decided to make a pink elephant. 

 Making a special wish and kissing the heart that will go inside their hand made stuffed animal. 
 Their new pet needed a good wash-up!
 All dressed and fancy! Meet Ellie's bear Dink and Lola's elephant Gracie. 

Back at the hotel we decided to go for a swim and as Ellie would say "a relaxing dip in the spa with fancy drinks."

Before they girls went to bed and rested up for their big day we decided to let them open their gifts a day early, as they might want to wear some of them to Disneyland. I made them skirts with Cars fabric for Lola and Star Wars fabric for Ellie. They also got Minnie Mouse Shirts and other fun stuff

 Of course I couldn't not decorate for their big day. I always decorate the house on their brithday, so why not the hotel! The girls woke up to a room full of Disney Birthday decorations. 

I am sure the girls had sweet dreams in anticipation to turn five and spend the next day at Disneyland!

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