Saturday, February 22, 2014

Disney Birthday {day 2 of 3}

The day had come, February 17,  2014. The girls turned five this day  and we made the much anticipated entrance to The Magic Kingdom- Disneyland! The girls were up and ready early to start this day. We headed into the park around 8:30 am and started the day off with a bang! 

Ellie and Lola posing in their Mikey #5 birthday shirts at the classic spot.
{note: we opted not to wait in line to take this picture hence why we only got the side on Mikey's face in the shot}
First stop: City Hall to get birthday buttons and a birthday wish from Walt himself.
 Lola is listening to the birthday message on this nifty phone. 
Next stop: The castle 
The girls were in OWE of this real princess castle! 
They simply couldn't believe that they were going to be able to enter this magnificent castle. 

Then off to ride, ride after ride.
Fortunately, because of Tony's situation we didn't have to wait in the enormous lines, which afforded us the opportunity to ride many more rides than we would have otherwise rode on this President's Day Holiday. 
 These girls were brave cookies, I will tell you that! We started the riding off with a bang… Space Mountain! The girls were so excited to ride, but I guess it scared them because they were not as thrilled after- stating that they DID NOT want to ride Space Mountain again until they were at least 16. 
Love this action shot! 
Ellie and Lola have complete opposite reactions. 

 Buzz light year ride… even daddy got to join us!

 Before leaving tomorrow land we watched the Jedi training and Ellie was pretty bummed she didn't get picked for the training… maybe next time! 

Off to Fantasy land, where we rode a ton of rides, Dumbo, Carousel, and Tea Cups to name a few. But the girls' absolute favorite ride in Fantasy land and of the day was THE MATTERHORN! They loved everything about it, especially the hidden abominable snowmen. 
We found Olaf binding on the roof in Fantasy land, but were unwilling to wait the three house to meeting his friends Elsa and Ana. 

After riding Pirates of the Caribbean, we were off to Adventure Land to ride Winnie the Pooh... though we got stuck on the ride and the girls were not too happy about that. But, after about 10 minutes we were on our way though to enjoy the ride!

TUNE TOWN… so cool! 
The girls LOVED this place, I mean how cool is it to visit all the houses of the characters you love, especially Mickey Mouse. 

After a whirlwind day and about 8 hours of non-stop fun we decided to head back to the hotel to rest up before the big birthday dinner surprise.

Nothing like a birthday DINNER with the characters at
This was such a cool evening and a perfect way to celebrate the girls' birthday. Tony and I pretty much despise buffets, but we took one for the team in order to ensure our little ladies were spoiled by Disney fun on their birthday. 

 Loving our dinner guest!

 Minnie Mouse came to our table just in time to sing the girls Happy Birthday 
and bring this a special treat.

 After dinner, we rode the Monorail back into the park to finish out the evening with a few more rides. 
Needless to say, our day was full and fantastic,  and all four of us were pretty tired! 
I was able to snap a classic shot {with no line} on our way out of the park! 
Happy Birthday Lola and Ellie, we hope you had a fantastic day! 

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  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing time. Love all of the details you thought of for their birthday. What a special memory. Happy birthday to our favorite twins!


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