Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disney Birthday {day 3 of 3}

California Adventure here we come!
The girls have been beyond excited to meet Lightening McQueen and explore Radiator Springs since they were two and a half! I believe CARS is still Lola's very favorite Disney movie. To be honest the girls really didn't know what else to expect from California Adventure other than Cars Land, man were all of us surprised, this park was so FUN!

Ellie and Lola, now a whole day into their fifth year,  pose in front of the classic Mickey Fun Wheel. 
 First stop, Cars Land!
 I loved this place… once you walked past the Cars Land sign, you felt as if you were in the movie standing on Route 66. The pictures don't do it justice. 

 Lightening McQueen himself. 
The girls were too short to ride the big California Screaming roller coaster, 
so we did the next best thing and rode everything else. 

 Ellie was so happy to see this guy!

Back to Cars Land to ride the ride of all rides…
 We got to ride in Lightning McQueen, lucky us!!

 Horrible picture, but had to put it in. 
Ellie is behind me and Lola to my right,… don't ask what I'm doing?

 Okay… Disclaimer: 
Tony and I are huge Bachelor Fans {don't judge it's addicting}, so when we ran into Trista and her family {the first bachelorette} I had to snap a shot! 

Soaring over California was such a cool ride, I had to snap a picture. I had been on it once before, but I guess riding it with the girls made it that much cooler for me. Next time I am transferring Tony onto that ride for sure- he would have loved it. 

Littler Mermaid, Ellie and Tony taking it in the fun.
 The swings!!

We watched the Mickey Mouse Club House stage show and afterwards the girls loved picked up all the confetti that dropped! They still won't let me throw it away. 

 Saving the best for last,  kind of sums up this experience.
 We saved the Mickey's Fun Wheel for last, no particular reason it just worked out that way. And it was a perfect ending to a perfect trip! This was such a fun experience for a whole family. For some reason I am scared to death of ferris wheels. Roller coasters don't scare me, sky diving doesn't scare me… but for some reason ferris wheels do, and this one has sliding carts. CRAZY! Mind you we were on this cart with a 400 lb wheelchair which made our cart slider even more, especially when we were at the very top. Once we were all loaded in, we headed up and up and up, stopping at the very top and sliding around like nobodies business. I was screaming, the girls didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and Tony was cracking up. All of us ended up laughing so much we were crying. Needless to say we made it off the ride safe, with smiles on our faces, and warm memories in our hearts! I believe the girls will say this was among their favorite ride of the trip. 

What a whirlwind weekend full of birthday fun and love. 
I am so glad we saved this trip for the girl's fifth birthday, it could not have been better. The anticipation was fantastic and I believe Disney did not disappoint- the girls had the time of their lives! 
Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet little girls! 

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