Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fifth Birthday Interviews

We have interview the girls on their birthdays for the past three years now. I love how they actually look forward to these interviews! Little do they know I am going to make them do these interview until they turn 18!!! Here they are in all their five (YES, I said FIVE) year old glory! 

Ellie's Fifth Birthday Interview:

Name: Ellie Francesca
Birthday: February 17th
How old are you? 4 3/4, 5
Color: silver with sparkles
favorite thing to eat: Mac 'n Cheese, broccoli
Favorite Toy: Colors (coloring)
favorite place to go: Disneyland and Kittyland
Best TV show: Spongbob and Peppa the Pig
favorite thing to do at the park: Beach Park- Jumping in the waves
What you want to be when growing up? everything, doctor, construction worker, dentist, basketball player, coach.
favorite animal: Zebra
favorite book: Ellie the Fairy
favorite dessert: Chocolate fudge
What makes you happy? my family
What makes you sad? when my mommy goes away
favorite thing to wear: shorts and shirt
What do you like about your mom? She takes care of me.
What do you like about our dad? he helps me, loves me, riding on his lap.
What do you like about your sister? to play with her and sleep with her.

 Lola's Fifth Birthday Interview:

Name: Lola Grace Mezzadri
birthday: Feb 17th
age: 4 soon to be 5
favorite color: glitter, gold glitter
favorite food: soup, meatball soup
least favorite food: guacamole
favorite toy: Cash registrar
favorite place to go: Chuckie Cheese
favorite show: Peppa the Pig
favorite thing to do at the park: Monkey bars.
favorite book: Lola the fashion fairy
favorite dessert: vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles
what makes you happy? Mom and Dad
What makes you sad? When mom and dad are not with me.
favorite thing to wear: charger shirt and grey comfy pants
What do you love about our mom? She makes me happy
What do you love about your dad? love watching TV with him.
What do you love about your sister? playing store with her.

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