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Five years ago today, I was told by my doctor I was to have an emergency c-section as soon as possible due to very low fluid in baby B’s sac.  Did the doctor even realize the weight of her words? Her words revealed to me that I was going to become a mother within hours and my role in this life would forever be changed. 

Ellie, OH Miss Ellie…

Dear Ellie, looking back, it is no surprise that you were baby B and that it was your sac with low fluid. Your dad and I knew you were impatiently waiting to make your mark in this world and wanted to get a head start. You do not fool us, we know you  had a hand in popping your “bubble” with intent to make an early arrival and show the world what you are made of. You started and have not stopped. Your daddy named you after a character in one of his favorite movies. He loved the relationship the character had with her dad. And in the movie the character’s dad would always say “Small moves Ellie, Small moves.”  Oh, how we have learned these past five years that those words are so appropriate for you. Outgoing, free spirit, spitfire, goofy, life loving, attention seeking, entertainer are just a few adjectives that describe you Ellie Francesca.  I know that you, Ellie, have some big moves planned ahead, so please take heed when your mom or dad says “small moves,” we are only trying to protect you. On that note though: never let fear get in the way; you, my child will be able to do anything you want to do! You are so outgoing, tough. You have no fear in reaching out to meet new people. It doesn’t even faze you if they choose not to reach back, you just keep confidently moving on. Your confidence is inspiring and contagious.  Ellie Francesca, your name means: light and free; light being like a shining light, and free as in free spirit… we sure did name you correctly. Thank you for always bringing light to our lives and reminding us to let go, be free,  and enjoy life- which comes so natural to you!

Now let’s break it down, what my Ellie is all about at age five:

What you are into: You love to color and draw. You are becoming an amazing artist at just five years old. I love your creative creations. You love to perform; sing, dance, act, tell jokes, and be silly. You are into movies, the park, swimming, and theatre.

Style: I can’t nail down a word that describes your style. You are very opinionated about what you wear. You often take more than 10 minutes to pick out your outfit. Sometimes after that amount of time you come out -naked butt – frustrated because you simply can’t figure out what to wear. I will tell you, the outfits you end up with are what most people would consider a little mis-matchy – and disoriented, but I have learned to love them because they truly show your creative personality.  Don’t get me wrong though, sometimes your outfits are fantastic! Hey, maybe someday you will be a fashion designer.

Famous Sayings: Ellie you have a lot of famous saying, simply because you never stop talking. One of your famous quotes is actually “But mommy, talking makes me focus.” One time your dad and I looked at each other in amazement because we both realized at the same time that you talked for an hour straight and did not stop. Now, don’t; get me wrong I LOVE to hear you talk. You tell me everything,  and I hope that will never change. In particular, I love how you  (and sissy) have taken the role as my skillful backseat drivers. My favorite driving advice you have giving me to date is “MOM, just blinker over… traffic stinks!”  What melts my heart the most in terms of ‘sayings’ is how you have learned to say your own prayers before you fall asleep.  I love how thankful you are for the littlest of things… Roxy and Xena (our cats) being one of them.

Learning: Ellie what you have learned and retained these past five years has been incredible. You have given your parents a since of relief, knowing that learning seems to come easy for you. Our hope is that school will come easy to you too. You know all of your letters and most of your letter sounds. You can pick up patterns in a book and read level AA to A books. You absolutely love reading books on the computer via RAZ kids. You can rhyme, break apart sounds, and put them back together. You have even learned how to spell a few words. You know how to write and spell your first and last name. You can write your sister’s name and the words mom and dad. You are a pretty incredible artist and know all your shapes and colors. You are able to identify numbers and count up to I think 30.  You understand a structure of a story and tell amazing stories of your own! I can’t wait to see your leaning blossom in the coming year, when you make the leap to kindergarten and start your official school career.

Free time: In your free time you are usually coloring, drawing pictures, or creating something. When you are not doing that you are either planning a performance, singing, or watching something on the TV or ipad. You love performance, whether you are watching it or doing it, it’s in you. You are a creative soul that loves to entertain and loves the attention you receive from your creative ventures even more.  So much so  we had to put you into theater class. You also love to listen to stories read to you. You get so engrossed in the story you do not want me or your dad to stop reading or telling the story.  In your free time outside you would choose to swim everyday; at the pool, bay, or beach- you don’t care. Recently you have started taking a huge liking to roller skating . 

L-O-L-A, Lola

Dear Lola, we know you were not as eager as your twin to make your arrival into this world. We have learned through the years how much you love being comfy, cozy and warm, and sleeping in; we can almost guarantee there was no haste on your part.  But how grateful we are that you made your arrival into this family just five years ago. Your name Lola Grace means “graceful, strong women.” I could not think of two better words to describe you Lola. Though you are shy and strategically reserved, you do not blend in, by any sense of the word. Strong in character, strong in thoughtfulness, and strong in physicality is how we can describe you. You are an old soul in a graceful little body that is going to delight this world in a very unique way one day!  You influence others with your actions and not with your words. You are a very reflective child that is often in deep thought. I always wonder the depths of your thoughts, because I know you are always taking note of everything and storing it away for the right time.  Lola these past five years you have shown us your talents: You are a fantastic strong swimmer, a very rhythmic dancer and an ever-inspiring mother to your baby doll “Georgia Ann.”  Thank you for keeping all of us, including your sister grounded. Lola you are a lover and wear your heart on your sleeve. You love deep and feel deep. Your dad and I wish that we would always be able to protect your huge heart, but know we won’t be able to. Thank you Lola, for teaching this family how to slow down, live in the moment, and love hard. Thanks for always making us stop and smell the ocean! You always seem to see the good in everything; the world can learn a lot from you. I have always said that life was going to be easy for you Lola, because you are easy, you go with the flow, you are even-keeled, extremely giving, and beyond sweet. At the same time, you express this ambiance that despite your good and graceful nature you are not weak, but strong because you choose to see the big picture, take the smooth road, and be happy!

Now let’s break it down what Lola is all about at five:

What you are into:  You are into all things nurturing. You love taking care of your baby dolls and love playing family with your stuffed animals. You have a very specific way of setting them up on your bed so all your stuffys can be with you at night.  You love dancing, specifically up beat hip-hop type dancing.  You are so into riding your bike, racing your car, and pretty much anything competitive. You love running races and most of the time you win. You are fast!

Style:  Lola your style has switched throughout the years. Currently, you are into everything comfy. You hate leggings and love yoga type pants. Your very favorite shirts are your Doc Mc’stuffins shirt and your Charger shirt. You have one very favorite dress, and rarely wear any of the other 20 dresses in our closet. You love your UGG like cozy boots. You absolutely love your PJs and most days your are in your jammies before dinnertime. I don’t blame you.

Famous sayings: Lola though you might be quiet around people you don’t know or people you first meet, you are not quiet at home. You have a ton to say. Frankly, you surprise us at times with what comes out of your mouth. It’s so great how you take on the language and try it out. Often times you say a catch phrase at the wrong time and it cracks us up.   “You know that,” “well actually,”  and “excuse you” (when you are trying to be polite) are some of my favorite saying you have. But, my very favorite saying of yours is "yikesy, dikesy." You often say that when you have dropped something or know you have made a mistake- so cute!  I love that at times you sit down on my lap and ask if we “Can we just talk?” and we do that. You like to pretend you are someone else and have me do the same, then we proceed to have a conversation playing the roles of other people. Like your twin, you too have been saying your own prayers in addition to our standard nightly prayer. You simply pray prayers of thanks for your family and other little things… so cute!

Learning: When is comes to learning, you do not like to be specifically taught or corrected (by your mom anyway), you seem to absorb what you need to know on your own. You know all of your letters and most of your sounds. You can pick up patterns in a book but would prefer to make up your own stories to the pictures. You love working on the computers, you prefer just typing to reading on the computer, but you do both very well. You can write and type your first and last name as well as a few other words and names. You can rhyme, segment sounds and put them back together. You understand that letters make words and words make stories, though you much prefer to listen to stories than make up your own. You love to pretend to write lists, fill out calendars, and write letters. You love playing teacher and school. You can count pretty high to about 40 correctly. You understand the value on money pretty well, an have knack for saving it (unlike your twin sister). You can identify numbers and values of numbers up to 9.  You love doing art projects that have steps you can follow, like drawing with stencils, completing a paper craft, or making jewelry.  You love reading Pete the Cat books and singing along to the Chorus.

Free time and toys: During your free time we will often find you caring for your baby dolls, reading books, role playing with your sister, or cleaning. For some reason you love to clean. You love playing store with anyone who will play with you. The cash register has become your favorite toy. You love playing board games and making up your own games to play. You love playing dress up and mommy. You also love to help me cook. I imagine you will be a fantastic cook one day!  You enjoy cuddling on the coach in your jammies watching TV shows rather than movies, and you love playing games on the iPad. But I still think if you could pick one thing to do in your free time it would either be to go swimming or frolic in the ocean.


Lola and Ellie, we never imagined that we could love two other human beings as much as we love you. Your dad and I are so blessed. This year is a milestone of sorts, not only for you, but us as parents too. I feel like we have moved into a whole new realm of parenting. No longer are we cuddling babies or chasing after toddling little girls. We are now in the thick of learning how to prepare a foundation that will allow our two little girls to become confident women.  I just saw this quote: “Every mother should remember that one day her daughter will follow her example instead of her advice.” I hope I can live up to that quote and be an example worthy of emulating. This year you will have many firsts; one of which will be to start your school career. No longer will nights be filled with never ending free time. Thanks to the coming Common Core Standards, even in kindergarten our nights will be filled with homework and academic expectations. Also they will start to be filled with more extra curricular activities and you will want to have more frequent play dates without your parents by your side. It was just this past weekend that you attended your first “drop off” birthday party… wow that was a step! Needless to say your dad and I are amped for this adventure ahead of us.  Year FIVE will be awesome and so will this next chapter in your lives.

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to my two very favorite ladies!

Love, Mom.

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  1. 5 years certainly did fly by! It has been spectacular spending it with you girls and watching Ellie and Lola grow into wonderful little girls. Can't wait to see what the next 5 will bring. Declan and Lexi loved watching their 5 year interviews! Hope you had fun at Disneyland! Happy Birthday Ellie and Lola! XOXO


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