Thursday, March 13, 2014

cutest yellow brick road

For the past few months Ellie has been taking theatre class through CYT, Christian Youth Theatre. Her class was called The Wiggles and they learned about role playing, singing, dancing, costume design, and performance. It was right up Ellie's alley. She made many friends and looked forward to the class each week. I would highly recommend CYT. The classes were reasonable and very developmental. So Fun! The 12 weeks of classes lead up to "The Showcase" where all the students got to show off what they learned. The Wiggles class was doing a Wizard of OZ theme, where Ellie played a lollipop kid! 
The showcase could not have come fast enough, Ellie was so excited for it. Here is our sweet Ellie before heading in... complete with a little stage make up! 
They did a mock performance before the real thing, of course we had to sneak a peak at that! 

Here is Ellie's performance. I believe my next purchase will be a real video camera- this video is not so stellar, but the cuteness is abundant. You can spot Ellie by looking for  the littlest kid up there and the only one wearing white sleeves. 

The star of the show!

 We were so proud her! She was a natural on that that stage. 
She said she loved doing it and is anxious to get on the stage again! 




The Program! 

Ellie we are so proud of you, you did a fantastic job!
 We can't wait to see more of you on stage! 

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