Wednesday, March 26, 2014

everyday fun

Playing catch up and dumping photos off my phone.
We been having fun these days and some of it was captured by my phone.
Awhile ago San Diego got some rain, 
yeah you read that correctly RAIN and the girls sure did have some fun! 
We spent a Sunday afternoon watching my Principal's sons perform in the CYT production of 
The Sound of Music! Finn with Lola and Ellie

Ellie was a bit envious of Lola's time with me when she was at theatre class, so one day after work Ellie and I headed out for an adventure of our own. Ellie was set on finding a "meadow" to play in. We headed to Mission Hills and she found a spot to her liking. It was a fun afternoon and fantastic to spend some time with just Ellie. 
She brought "Lilly France" along for the adventure. 
   We found some cool rocks and even some worms.

We just recently found out the girls love Sushi!
 Score… off to Sushi we go! It just so happened to be Dr. Suess' birthday, hence Lola's hat. 

Silly Girls! 

After school beach days… 
yes it's becoming that time of year again and all of us couldn't be happier! 
School uniforms doubled as swim suits this day. 

Hiking Cowles Mountain! 
These little ladies are troopers, they hiked the whole way up and the whole way down. 
Lola and my neighbor Candice lead the way and Ellie and I took our time but made it to the top! 

Concluding this post with 
...Simple Saturday Sister Sweetness...

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