Monday, March 10, 2014

Future Fighter Pilot

I have been a little lax on updating this blog the past two weeks. To be honest, I haven't actually busted out my good camera in since Disenyland. It's been a nice break, but of course my iPhone came in handy when a picture worthy moment was happening. 

Recently we headed up to Irvine to help one of Tony's close family friend celebrate. Since most of the gang had been a Blue Angel at some point, the celebration would not be complete without fighter-plane-flight-simulator fun. Though, the ladies in the group watched as the men and boys pretended to "Dog fight" that did not stop Lola and Ellie's curiosity about fighter jets and what it would feel like to fly one. 

These cuties, all dressed up and ready to go! 

Ellie in the cock pit- ready for her first flight!
After all she is named after Tony's dad, the fighter pilot in the family.

Watching the "dogfight" was pretty fun because the non-Blue Angles were kicking but. 

Uncle Drew- 
who I think came is second place - not bad- but it was Matt, a 13 year old kid that won!
Maverick getting strapped in. 

Lola, Linda, Tara, and Ellie are ready to eat! 

Fun evening captured on my iPhone. 

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