Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lola's power hour

 So Lola opted out of taking the theatre class with Ellie this session. She wanted to take Yoga instead (post to come). Theatre just wasn't her thing (though after seeing Ellie in the showcase Lola wants to be in class with Ellie for the spring session). To be honest, I think Lola was really amped on the idea that she got Mom to herself for a whole hour every Wednesday while Ellie was at class. Most Wednesdays after dropping Ellie off,  Lola and I would get a cup of coffee/hot chocolate and then go the library and read books together. It was great for me to have some time with just Lola, I really looked forward to it. When the days started to get a bit longer, we skipped the library and headed to the park! 
Oh yeah, Lola has really taken a liking to "selfies" see below! 

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