Friday, March 21, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has turned into a pretty exciting day in our house. The girls were really looking forward to it this year. . They came home from preschool one day, expressing excitement for the upcoming holiday… which then reminded ME that I had to make a trip to party city quick. The girls set out to be very prepared for St. Patrick's Day this year. There was much anticipation for the visit from the Lucky Leprechaun and Lola and Ellie were determined to try and catch him this year. Like in years past the Lucky Leprechaun did visit our home on the eve of St. Patrick's day and as usual left the house a muck, but in return he left the little ladies some treats along the way.

Preparation for the Leprechaun's visit started with the engineering of a Leprechaun trap. Uncle Drew had a huge hand in making this happen. The trap was all the girls and Uncle Drew's  idea. I am not even sure where they got the idea. I know our cousin Aiden and most other first graders in general make Leprechaun traps for a school project, but I never really talked about it with the girls… The girls and Uncle Drew turned a simple box into a pretty crafty trap. 

Other preparations included making cupcakes for preschool…Yummy!
Note: Ellie doesn't like cloths much these days… hence why she is naked in all these pictures. 

The Leprechaun came!!!!
He did what we expected and turned our house upside down and left some goodies behind. 

Our upside down house...

The trap was sprung….
Ellie was so excited, but so nervous to check under the trap…she made ME check. 
Her 100% belief that the Leprechaun was under there was priceless! 
No luck this time, the mischieveious little green man sprung our trap, took the coins and left us a pretty rude note!
ha… ha... very funny Mr. Lepercahun… 
Don't you worry the girls are pretty determined to get you next year. 

After that exciting morning, 
the girls got all dressed in their green attire and headed to preschool for a day of GREEN fun!

The girls made little handprint Leprechauns at preschool and gave them cute names! 

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