Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yoga Class!

So when Ellie decided she wanted to do theatre class, Lola stated she would rather do hip-hop. Well the hip-hop class didn't really work out in terms of scheduling and such. So Lola suggested Yoga and that she would love to take Yoga like mommy. Well it worked out perfect because the yoga studio I go to just opened a kid's yoga study next door called "If I was a Bird Yoga." They coordinate their classes to coincide with the adult classes. Therefore, I drop them off at their class and then head to mine. Ellie really wanted to do Yoga with her sister too! The class starts out with a 15 minute art project, then 45 minutes of Yoga, and ends with a snack. I made a point to stick around one time to snap some shots and watch the girls have fun. I was so impressed! I love that they are learning Yoga principals to relax and calm themselves. Someday they might be able to use some of these techniques when they are stressed or feeling anxious. 

Before class art project! 
Class… this day it was just Lola and Ellie, usually there are quite a few kiddos. 
Our friend Ella usually take class with us. 

Another class with more kiddos! 

Ellie, Lola, and Ella- Yoga Mates

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