Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Well the Easter bunny did make it... he ate all the carrots Lola left and spoiled our little ladies. The girls are a bit more prepared for summer after the Easter bunny came.

The baskets are always left in our room so Tony can watch the girls find and open their baskets....
one smart Easter Bunny. The girls awoke bright and early and snuck into our room to find their baskets.

After some breakfast, we were off to church to celebrate Easter Sunday,
but not before we posed for some Easter pics!

We meet Aiden, Liam, Sydney, and Auntie Missi for donuts after church!YUMM!

Off to Emma's house for an egg hunt and dinner!
Let the hunting begin!

...Ellie took a break to make a wish...

Lola, Ellie, and Uncle Drew
Emma, Lola, Ellie, Uncle Drew and Daddy
The gang

More baskets...more candy...the girls love this stuff!
After the festivities, it was time to relax and play!
Ellie looking very studious with her glasses and sparkling cider
and both girls experiencing pure joy on the tree swing.  

Happy Easter!

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