Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Prep

Of course the first step in prepping for Easter was the dying of eggs. Before we headed out to Good Friday service the girl each dyed a dozen eggs! They had a blast! 

The girls also realized early on in the Easter season that we did not nearly have enough Easter decoration for the house. So one evening, the girls locked themselves in their room for about an hour. They came out with dozens of pictures of colorful Easter eggs to decorate the house. It was too cute, I had to let them tape them all over the house. 

The night before Easter after we set out their baskets for the Easter bunny, Lola took t upon herself to leave carrots in her basket for the Easter bunny. 

She also left the Easter bunny a note- in case you cannot read it the note states "I need new flip flops." She broke her flip flops a few days prior... good thing the Easter bunny was prepared! 

We're ready for Easter, let the celebrations begin! 

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