Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ellie lost something...

Just a few days after Lola lost her first tooth, Ellie's same tooth was dangling by a thread. She was so anxious to get that tooth out and loose her first tooth, she asked her Uncle Drew to pull it… well it pretty much came right out! I simply can't believe it's tooth pulling time already. My sweet baby is growing up. Will you just look at that face!
 Ellie is so proud of her new smile. 

Well unlike sissy, Ellie had a nice shiny tooth to give the tooth fairy! Ellie could not wait to tuck that pretty little tooth into her tooth fairy pillow and put in under her pillow. She had high hopes that Chanter would be her fairy too and leave her something special. 

Goodnight my sweet girl, I hope all of your fairy dreams come true! 

Ellie was thrilled when she found out that Chanter is not just Lola's tooth fairy she is hers too! Chanter left Ellie a sweet note along with a crisp dollar bill and some pink fairy dust. 

We had one happy girl the next morning! 

Love HER!

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  1. That is one cute grin! So great seeing your girls this week! Makes me itch for summer!


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