Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Break-2014

Spring Break was more on the mellow side this year, due to my Grandfather's passing, but we did manage to get out a bit and have some fun, despite the mediocre weather.
First stop, Strawberry Picking with some of our favorite pals, Declan and Lexi. It took a bit more effort this year to fill the buckets. They kids really had to seek out the ripe, good berries. 

The kiddos found more than strawberries… they four some furry friends. 
Ellie was determined to catch one. 

Lola, Lexi, Declan, and Ellie… such cuties!

We did have some swimming weather over break...

We spent some time catching up on reading
Notice the title of book Ellie chose. 

We hung at home a lot and in doing so the girls begged me to bust out their keepsake baby box. They had so much fun dressing up their baby dolls in their old preemie cloths. A little shopping led to playing dress up with some pretty cute hats. 

Oh Yeah, Lola lost her second tooth over spring break! She couldn't locate this one either. Another note to Chanter our tooth fairy expelling what happened. 

Some cousin down time was much needed this spring break!

We managed to get a clear morning and took advantage of the nicer weather to hike up Cowles mountains for the second time. Leslie and baby Andrew joined us for the hike. Like last time, Lola lead the pack, but all of us made it up! 

Roller skating fun! 
We live within blocks of Skateworld and have never even entertained the thought of going there, until the second rainy day in a row led us to seek out some fun indoor activities. OMG- This was so fun with two five year olds. Ellie is an absolute speed demon and Lola loved dancing to the music on her skated while the disco ball turned. 

Ellie even participated in the Limbo contest and did pretty well! 

Lola and I cheered Ellie on. 
Just look at that red face..this girl didn't stop to rest the entire session. 
Lola the dancing queen.

We must have worn this little one out. She fell dead asleep on daddy's lap during mass. 

Spring Break simply makes me yearn for summer break… the count down is on! 

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  1. We had so much fun with you! The countdown for summer is on! Love the roller skating idea. :)


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