Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moms, Muffins, and Mother's day!

Mom's and Muffins
On the Wednesday before Mother's Day, Lola and Ellie's preschool hosted a Mom's and Muffins morning to celebrate Mother's day. Like last year, the girls were ecstatic I was going to spend part of my morning at preschool with them! It was a delight to share this morning with them, as they brought tears to my eyes when they presented me with their hand made cards. Love them! 

Lola's card to me...

Ellie's card to me...

Mother's day
The girls woke me up early by jumping on my bed and handing me the gifts and card they got for me. They were not excited at all! 
Tony had the girls answer questions about me, he typed them up and had the girls paste them on a coloring they did. So cute!
 Lola said she loved my heart the best and that she loved to go to the park and play puzzles with me. 

 Ellie said she loved when I turn into the tickle monster and that traffic and her outfits made me mad. Whoops!

After a relaxing morning and church, I was spoiled by an even more relaxing afternoon. We spent the day at the Town and Country resort where we got married. We enjoyed a great lunch, sipped champagne, and lounged in the sun by the pool watching the girls swim. A perfect mom's day. 

 Home for a what? Some reading and a nap.. yep! After all it was Mother's Day. 

We stopped over Tony's mom house to wish her Happy Mother's day too!

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