Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pastime pictures

This is always a pretty busy time of year for me in terms of workload and all, so our pastimes have been pretty simple and I'll have to admit I kind of like it that way sometimes.
Enjoy the simple recap!
I came home from work one day and the girls decided to move outside. Why not? We live in San Diego after all. They were convinced they would spend the night outside and I didn't steer them away from that idea at all. When the sun set and the sky got dark, the girls teamed up and asked me if maybe they could sleep inside instead and save this adventure for when I might want to join them! Love them! 

Our neighbor Seve and the girls have been having some pretty fun times just playing in the neighborhood!

Preschool has been nothing but fun these days too. Here are some shots their teacher took.  Lola painting a Lady bug and Ellie building a robot with pattern blocks. 

Ms. Sarah, the girls preschool teacher, sent home "homework packets" ramping her students up for kindergarten. The girls were beyond thrilled to complete this packet. Let's just hope their attitude towards homework stays like this!

Mama's Beauty Shop!
After I got home from being gone three days in a row, the girls couldn't get enough mommy time.
 So we spent the day pampering each other.

I had to post these pics of a lunch outing simply because the girls just look so grown up!
Buffalo Wild Wings knows kids... iPad games at your disposal.

Sight Word Pictionary anyone?
We all had so much fun playing this. The girls practiced their sight words by playing Pictionary with them. Dad even got in on the fun and used his iPad as his drawing board. Tony and I are loving the new ventures that age five brings. Game night has stepped up a notch!

Can you guess what Tony was drawing?

You can just taste summer... this Santa Ana weather is such a tease!

The three amigos... Bailey, Lola, and Ellie. 

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