Thursday, May 8, 2014

Preschool Play

These ladies have been having lots of fun at preschool these day! I absolutely love how the girl's preschool teacher keeps a blog and I can steel all of her photos!
Making the letter S in sand... because sand starts with S. 

The girls class is studying bugs right now... Lola and Ellie are very intrigued. 

Lola was vacuuming while studding the letter V

Homemade pretzels at preschool! 

Painting Rainbows! 
Ellie working on the letter U.
Lola making faces for the letter V. 
Lola and Ellie sitting together in their studies. 
I'm taking in and cherishing these last few weeks of preschool.
After all the girls were registered for kindergarten a few weeks back and man are they excited. Mom is a bit excited too, as Lola and Ellie will be going to school with me every day next year! 

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