Saturday, May 24, 2014

staying cool

Last week we had some pretty hot weather, unusual for this time of year. We took advantage of the warm evenings and had some fun while trying to stay cool. 
Our first outing took us to the new waterfront park in Down Town San Diego. Very fun place geared totally to kids! We all had such a nice evening. 

Next stop, and evening at the beach with friends... 80 degrees at 6:00 pm!

Whale watching and BBQing in South Carlsbad. 
We spent an afternoon and evening with some friends at their South Carlsbad campsite. It was cool, we got to watch two whales travel north up the coast. My first whale sighting. The girls were more concerned about having fun in our fiends tent! 

Can you see the whale?

summer, summer.... I can taste it! 

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