Sunday, June 29, 2014

in full swing...

 Summer is in full swing around here! 

We started off the fun by hanging out with our fantastic neighbors at Gator Beach on the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, where the Navy Seals train. It was a fantastic day of BBQing, boogie boarding, and simple beach fun! 

Candice, Keith, and Tony cooking up some lunch. 
 All these kiddos had a great time together: Lola, Ellie, Von, Jackson, and Kaylie

 Cadice and Ellie living it up!

Next up... pool play date with Ellie and Lola's preschool teacher and her kids and our mutual friend Ilene and Seve. 
Cute kids...Lenard, Ellie, Abby, Seve, Rachel, and Lola. 

We made it to Sea World, it was a simple fun afternoon with just the three of us. We rode Journey to Atlantis roller coaster for the first time. Just check out the picture... Ellie wanted off the minute the ride started. 

Summer time equals lots of cousin time! 
These four were washing their feet off together after hours of outside play.

Celebrating Daddy's birthday!! 
This week Tony Celebrated a big birthday. Daddy is super cool, he took his little girls to Belmont park for a fun day on the boardwalk on his birthday. 

Happy Birthday Tony! 

Well, Ellie lost her third tooth this first week of summer. Chanter made another visit to the Mezzadris. 

We got to spend a day at Moonlight Beach with our friends Lindsay, Decaln, and Lexi. This is one of our favorite parts of summer, we get to spend fun days with the Herkerts!! These kiddos are getting so good at boogie boarding, it's fun to watch!

 too cool for school!
Ellie, Lola, and Declan

A little girl time was found this week, My friends and I celebrated Leslie's birthday! 
 Amy, Lola, Stacie, Amy, and Leslie

Paddle boarding was intended this evening, but the cloud cover and wind took over, so we made the best of the outing, building sand castles and chasing seagulls. There are many more summer evening left for a sunset paddle with my little lades. 

On top of all this fun. we also got the Dentist and Doctor appointments (kindergarten physicals)  out of the way this week. The dentist was first. Good news and bad news. Good news: no cavities, bad news: a ref feral to the orthodontist is in our near further. With all these adult teeth coming in for both Lola and Ellie there is some crowding going on which might have to be remediated...AHH an orthodontics bill for 5 year olds. 
 5 Year old physical up- next. 
Great news on all ends. Both girls are in great health. Vision and hearing are all good. 
Ellie is 40 lbs and 42.8" tall
Lola is 42 lbs and 44'' tall. 

Great Start to a great summer!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

'14 Summer Bucket List!

It officially summer!!! 
 My friend Lindsay made a summer bucket list, which inspired me to do the same! So here it is.... Even though summer just started, we are already deep into this list! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

end of an era...

I have been stalling on writing this post because, though I was not emotional during the preschool graduation ceremony, the reflection that this blog post has required made me surprisingly emotional. 

The day of the preschool graduation I was talking with the mom of the other set of twins in the girls' preschool class. Together we shared how each milestone for us comes and goes, there is a finality with each step and accomplishment our twins make together. Though we have two children, one is not younger and these moments, like the end of a preschool era, will not come again for us. I am in no way wishing my girls were not twins, it's actually actually the opposite, I feel so lucky that I was blessed with the experience of twins, but the finality of each stage does not go unrecognized.  

There is a flip side to the emotional finality of moments that happen to come at the same time for our girls, our girls get to live each of these moments with their very best friend... their twin sister. As a parent that is so cool to watch! The night before their graduation Tony and I could hear Lola and Ellie whispering back and forth between bunks about the ceremony, their friends, and their excitement for summer and kindergarten. There is something so magical about their relationship in moments like these. I just wish time would somehow slowdown... but as all parents know it seems to just do the opposite.  

On a side note: I had a horrible thought... what if Lola and Ellie go to different colleges and graduate on the same day... what will we do?... okay I know forgive me, I'm crazy they haven't  even started Kindergarten, we should be so lucky to have that problem. 

Congratulation Lola and Ellie on Graduating PRESCHOOL! 
You both accomplish these moments with so much fun and such grace, 
we are so proud of you and to be by your side through this milestone! 

 Love them ...
They posed on the last day grabbing each other hands... as they did the very first day of their school career.
June 2014                                                          September 2012

 On to the Ceremony 
The school did such a cute job making it special for the parents. Did I mention I love their preschool! Lola and Ellie's teacher even keeps a blog and her last two post brought me to tears.

 These girls were best of friends... 
all four are moving on to kindergarten and at random we all showed up in stripes!
Leighton, Isabele, Ellie, and Lola 

 Will you just look at that smile?

A little song that tugged at my heart...

 Time to collect the certificate.
 Lola and Ms. Sarah

 Ellie and Ms. Sarah
 They did it!!!!!

 The family shot! 
 Emma and the girls. 
Ms. Suzie is the director of the preschool.. she was so good to our girls. 

 Ms. Rebbecca was the teacher that always greater our girls in the morning, she was so sweet!
The last whoo-rah with their preschool buddies.

Preschool school graduation represents much more to me than simply moving the girls on to a new school and a new grade, it represents an end of an era. The end of the primary years where we (mom and dad) are the biggest influence on their development. The end of simplicity, but the beginning of so many new and exciting things! 

I have enjoyed every stage of Lola and Ellie's development thus far; from walking to talking, to toddler hood, and the preschool years and know that this next stage 'The Grade School Years' I might even enjoy more. I am so fortunate that they will be heading to school with me next year and I get to be a very active and present part of this stage. I look forward to driving with them in the mornings to work, having lunch with them in my classroom from time to time, popping in their classroom for a squeeze now and then, watching them make friends on the playground, and being there for all the school's important moments!

Time to Celebrate with an afternoon at the beach and a dinner with friends at Corvette Diner!

Okay time to now wipe the tears away and officially start this summer of 2014!!!!
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