Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Daddy's Day- 2014!

Daddy's Day started with Dad's and Donuts at Lola and Ellie's preschool. The girls were so looking forward to having their daddy at school with them. They made Tony sweet frames with rocks glued onto them saying "My Dad Rocks!" 

Tony said he had a blast and from the pics it looks as if he was the star of the playground. 
Tony does play a pretty mean game of tag. Thanks Ms. Sarah for the pics!

There is just something about a Daddy and his daughters, this picture just sums up the love between these three. We are all so lucky to have this man in our lives. Tony's Fathers Day was filled with activities he loves. We started out the day with donuts and going to the movies and then topped it off with some tri-tip on the grill and a little relaxing.

The girls had a few gifts for their daddy and a lot of handmade cards! 

Love these moments...

I am not sure who had more fun on Father's day... Daddy or the girls?

Happy Father's Day Tony!

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