Wednesday, June 4, 2014

First trip of Summer 2014

I know... officially I still have two weeks left until school's out, but hey let's just call it summer. Last weekend we went camping with a group of friends from work... including the coolest principal ever! Lucky for Lola and Ellie, they are getting on the principals good side even before their first day of kindergarten. I rarely talk about work, but I work with some pretty fun people and we all have a great time together. It really is a pretty cool job and these people make it fun and keep the adventure going. Meghan, Vinnie, Peggy, Carol, Sandy, Steve, Allie, Finn, and Broy were among the campers on our trip to Dos Picos in Ramona.
Here are a plethora of pictures from our weekend. 
Night one campfire, needless to say the adults had more fun with the glow toys than the kids did.  

A Saturday spent relaxing...

Second campfire... great food and good company!

Fun times! 
Great way to kick off summer! 

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