Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Happenings

Happy Happening the past few weeks!
I'm wasn't sure how to group or title this post, I just have some fun pics of things we've been  into and have been doing lately. 
I came home from work one day and saw these little ones dressed the same. It just melts my heart to see them like this, because it takes me back to when they were little and dressed alike all the time.
 I love that sometimes we have "twins"

So I had to post about this book series... because the girls Absolutley love "Lulu!" They couldn't get enough. This past year I have slowly introduced Lola and Ellie to chapter books, and this series is a perfect introduction for 5 years-olds. I actually enjoyed the stories too! 

We got to meet up with my friend, Matt,  from High School this past week at such a fun place "Wonderland" in Ocean Beach- easy with kiddos and a fanastic view! 
I love Ellie and Tony in this shot. 

My friend Moe is having a Baby Boy next month, so we all decided to throw her a shower to celebrate! 
Stacie, Amy, Kathleem, Leslie, Amy
The guest of honor in the middle.

Ellie the multi-tasker...We're in trouble with this one... love her creativity though!

We been spending some lazy evenings at the park these days, 
this one in particular is Liberty Station.

I got to steal these two handsome boys for a whole day and night last weekend! 
We all had a blast! Love this crew... Lola, Liam, Aiden, and Ellie.
Beach Park here we come! 

A slumber party would be incomplete without ice-cream. 
Liam made sure not to waste a single lick! Love that kid! 

Fun, everyday, happenings!

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