Sunday, June 29, 2014

in full swing...

 Summer is in full swing around here! 

We started off the fun by hanging out with our fantastic neighbors at Gator Beach on the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, where the Navy Seals train. It was a fantastic day of BBQing, boogie boarding, and simple beach fun! 

Candice, Keith, and Tony cooking up some lunch. 
 All these kiddos had a great time together: Lola, Ellie, Von, Jackson, and Kaylie

 Cadice and Ellie living it up!

Next up... pool play date with Ellie and Lola's preschool teacher and her kids and our mutual friend Ilene and Seve. 
Cute kids...Lenard, Ellie, Abby, Seve, Rachel, and Lola. 

We made it to Sea World, it was a simple fun afternoon with just the three of us. We rode Journey to Atlantis roller coaster for the first time. Just check out the picture... Ellie wanted off the minute the ride started. 

Summer time equals lots of cousin time! 
These four were washing their feet off together after hours of outside play.

Celebrating Daddy's birthday!! 
This week Tony Celebrated a big birthday. Daddy is super cool, he took his little girls to Belmont park for a fun day on the boardwalk on his birthday. 

Happy Birthday Tony! 

Well, Ellie lost her third tooth this first week of summer. Chanter made another visit to the Mezzadris. 

We got to spend a day at Moonlight Beach with our friends Lindsay, Decaln, and Lexi. This is one of our favorite parts of summer, we get to spend fun days with the Herkerts!! These kiddos are getting so good at boogie boarding, it's fun to watch!

 too cool for school!
Ellie, Lola, and Declan

A little girl time was found this week, My friends and I celebrated Leslie's birthday! 
 Amy, Lola, Stacie, Amy, and Leslie

Paddle boarding was intended this evening, but the cloud cover and wind took over, so we made the best of the outing, building sand castles and chasing seagulls. There are many more summer evening left for a sunset paddle with my little lades. 

On top of all this fun. we also got the Dentist and Doctor appointments (kindergarten physicals)  out of the way this week. The dentist was first. Good news and bad news. Good news: no cavities, bad news: a ref feral to the orthodontist is in our near further. With all these adult teeth coming in for both Lola and Ellie there is some crowding going on which might have to be remediated...AHH an orthodontics bill for 5 year olds. 
 5 Year old physical up- next. 
Great news on all ends. Both girls are in great health. Vision and hearing are all good. 
Ellie is 40 lbs and 42.8" tall
Lola is 42 lbs and 44'' tall. 

Great Start to a great summer!

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