Sunday, June 8, 2014

wrapping up preschool in style

As we approach the end of the girls' preschool career, there have been quite a few super fun days! These days preschool is filled with more fun than work... as it should be! First a field trip to Sea World, next a Western themed Day complete with a pony, and last the Jog-A-Thon! 

Sea World
Daddy got to attend the Sea World field trip with the girls. The girls were ecstatic to have their daddy attend and spend the day with them and their classmates. Here are some highlights from the day. 

Western Day
The girls dressed up in their jeans, button shirts, boots, and bandannas, in preparation for western day! After all they had to be dressed just right to ride the pony!

Emma got to join in the fun this day!

The Jog-A-Thon was a super fun event that the girls absolutely loved! All the kids had a blast. I got to escape work for a bit to join in on all the fun! 
These four ladies are like the "four musketeers" of the Pre-K.
Lola, Leyton, Ellie, &  Isabelle
 Let the running begin! 

 Water Break! 

 Lola filled up her card and then some, she ran a total of 49 laps. 
Ellie our little sprinter ran 31 laps total. 

Chick Fil'A donated Lunch for all the kiddos. Here are the girls eating lunch with their buddies. 

Just one pic of Ellie and her teacher goofing off !

So fun, we're going to miss preschool! 

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