Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Wet Week

To say the least we were a bit water logged by the end of this week. 6 out of the 7 days our little ladies were either swimming, playing in the bay, or splashing in the waves. Needless to say it was a fabulous week!

For starting Ellie learned how to dive on the fourth of July, which led to many new experimentation in the pool from both her and her sister. Here is Ellie's first "real" dive!

In was a domino effect after that... we went straight from diving to doing flips off the side of the pool. We got to spend the day at our pool with our neighbors Candice and Keith and Keith's son Von. We all had a blast and then BBQ-ed together. 

The flips in action..

The next day Tony's buddy Chris and his kids Bryce and Solana came over to swim. 
Here are some highlights from the afternoon. 

The one day that we did not spend in the water, we were busy running errands and got a chance to stop in Library and join the summer reading program! It was nice to be inside and out of the sun for a day (I know you'd never thought I'd say that). 

A evening at Kellogg Beach with Xavier and Leo. It was nice to mix-it-up and head to the water in the afternoon/evening. The kids had a blast playing on the paddle board and the kid Kayak. Hey I even got our for a solo evening Paddle. 

The next day we were back at it, but this time we met Lindsay, Declan, and Lexi at Mission Bay for the morning. It was a super fun day. We rode the Kayak, played on the Paddle board, found sand dollars and fish bones, and played hard! 

Lola on the Paddle board -solo

our fantastic finds! 

Lola was the tour guide and paddled her passengers where they wanted to go! 
Lexi loved the ride...just look at that smile. 
Ellie created her own paddle board of sorts. 
I used these fish bones to give the girls an anatomy lesson on how Daddy broke his neck. 

Lindsay and me! 
Summer are so great because her and I get to reconnect again!  I'm not sure we have ever snapped a picture together, we are always so focused on capturing the kiddos.

We ended our wet week with a trip to Coronado. This day we went with Amy and Ella and her cousins. We played in the sand, rode waves, and found a few more sand dollars. 
My Beach Bums! 

Amy and Me

We also got to see a dolphin pretty close to the shore! 

The girls ended the week with a sleep over at Emma's
The girls were not at all excited, just look at those faces. 

While the cats are away, the mice will play... 
Mom and Dad got a date night while the girl were at their sleepover!!

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  1. Looks like you girls are having a fantastic (busy!) summer! It was wonderful seeing you this week! ♥


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