Sunday, July 20, 2014

living it up!

We're living it up this summer and loving it. Our week was a bit more relaxing than last, but a fantastic week.

First, I've been running and running. I'm in the trenches of training for the half marathon. Here are my running partners. Mike and Amy. This day we had just finished a 10 mile run. 

We started the fun with a paddle out of the Ferry landing in Coronado. Meghan, Patricia and I along with Lola enjoyed a paddle under a humid rain. It was so cool to paddle under the Coronado bridge. 

I has a few appointments one day this week and the girls begged me to go back to preschool for the day... so they went and when their teacher sent me this photo I realized why they were so excited to go.. it was water week! 

We spent a day with Lindsay, Declan, Lexi, and some other friends at the Welk resort pool and Water slide. Such a fun and super relaxing day. The girls absolutely love this place and were beyond exotic when they found out we were going there. The pictures are proof. 

such a kid thing to do... warming up on the hot payment
Lexi, Cassidy, Samantha, Ellie, Lola, Declan, and Finn

Love this face! 

Surprise, surprise, the girls got to go to inflate-a-world with Ella on a whim because Ella's mom had some free passes... they all had a blast!

These lucky girls were invited to Isabel's brother's birthday party. 
It was a Laser tag birthday party. So Fun!!!! Look at these Laser Cuties. 

Such a fun week of living it up! 

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