Sunday, July 27, 2014

non-stop summer fun

We had another super fun-filled week! 

We started off the week with a hike up Cowles Mountain, just me and the girls.  I am impressed yet again that these ladies made it to the top on their own, I did promise them donuts afterward- so there was some motivation!

Break time... in their "cave"

Love this shot from the top... where ever they are these girls are two-peas-in-a-pod

At the donut shop after the hike, Ellie decided to loose her fourth tooth... CRAZY!!

We got to spend another amazing day at the BAY with Lindsay, Declan, and Lexi, and this time my brother Mark and Liam and Aiden came along for the fun! We kayaked, paddled boarded, built sand castles, and even found one sand dollar. 

Uncles.. have to give their nieces a hard time... 
the boys, so fun
The kiddos are getting pretty independent with the Kayak these days
 and it just makes for some fun adventures on the water. 

Liam and Lexi made a "hot tub"
Mark and I, love hanging out with this guy!

Okay so if you don't know my brother, he is a speed seeker. Though he had fun leisurely paddling on the bay, it was not quite enough to fulfill his need for a thrill. So on a whim, he had what turned out to be a fantastic idea, to rent a boat and take the kids for a thrill ride on the water! 

Cute Cousins! 
Liam, Ellie, Lola, and Aiden

This boat adventure was incredibly fun for all of us! I didn't stop smiling the whole time, because it was so fun to watch the kids experience such a thrill. I really can't put it into words, but Ellie said it best when we were on the boat. "Mom, this is better than Disney Land" Just check out the video. 

Mark the boat captain.

Liam and Auntie
Ellie had this smile on her face the whole time!

We gave all the kids a turn at driving the boat. 

The last few Wednesdays we have met Renee, Xavier, and Leo at Kellogg beach for an evening of paddle boarding and playing in the water. The girls have latched onto Delany the boys' cousin and now she is their big-kid buddy. 

 Library time! 
The girls joined the Summer reading program at the library. They get prizes for every 10 books they read. The library also has events that go along with the summer reading program. This day it was a sing along. 

Bailey spent a whole day with us. These three ladies spent the day summing, playing, and painting. 
Lola, Bailey, and Ellie

 We played beauty Salon too...Matching Braids. 

And sometimes it just feels good to stay HOME and enjoy some down time, like....
puzzle building.
 baby doll walking.
 putting on dance shows for your mom.

 and simply walking in the summer rain. 

this summer just keeps getting better week by week

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