Monday, July 7, 2014

Sizzel'n Summer fun

Missi and I spent the day at the Botanical Gardens with the kiddos. It was a fantastic mellow day! 
Here the kids are Money-ing around; Lola, Aiden, Liam, and Ellie (Sydney was there too).
a little creek play
a little quartet


when in Rome right.. there's a hill, let's roll

We were lucky to have Poppi hang out with us for a few days. We took advantage of it and spent the day hiking in Torrey Pines and a pic-nix on the beach. 
the cousin crew!

Ellie was Poppi's little shadow all day! She loves her Poppi.
After 3 miles of hiking and lots of Liam asking "Auntie, why am I still walking?" we made it ... just look at these tired faces. 
Off to beach from some lunch and fun, but not before a Dad and daughter Selfie

As if hiking and beach wasn't enough... we heard out for an evening swim as well!

There's nothing like Summer at the ball park
It was such and easy fun day at the park and best of all the Pads won! 

We had some much needed down time.
 It was so great the girls and I stayed in our Jammies most of the day, 
we  built Legos, played games, and had crazy fun! I love how our little Lego house turned out, the girls were so creative. 

Night Movie in Heritage Park in Old Town. Karate Kid was the feature. It was a beautiful summer night in the park even if the kiddos only last half-way through the movie. 

Love that there is so much summer left!!!

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