Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Tony Contest" reunion of sorts.

Last Saturday night was an awesome night of celebrating the community that has been such a special part of Tony Mezzadri's life. This September 1st will be 20 years since Tony's accident. The "Surf for a Cure" aka "Tony Contest" raised tens of thousands of dollars for Spinal Cord Injury research, resurrected the Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association, and raised awareness for Spinal Cord Injury and it is because of these hard working people (and many more who couldn't make it to the celebration)! We  have not put on "The Tony contest" in five years, as a result we rally get this gang together. We figured that side this year marked the 20th year since the Surf contest was started, it deserved a reunion of sorts. So a special night! 

Darryl, Lee, Rob, Pat, Susan, Joanne, Jamie
Mike, Henry, Scott, Carole, Mouse, Drew, Suzanne, Mr. & Mrs. Lockwood
Kathy, Tracy, Mary, Stacie, Lola, Tony, Ellie

Some of the old relic decorations and signs were set up... nostalgic...

Everyone planned on wearing their favorite "Tony Contest" tee-shirt. The girls were just 9 months at the last contest, so I busted out these "onies" from then and made them wear them as tee-shirts. 

 The blond Committee... aka the  hard working crew. 
 ... a lot going on in this shot... 

 Mouse, Carole, Craig, and Julie gifted Tony some killer college football tickets to commemorate the 20 years. 

 Tracy and Susan

 One of the old-old shirts! 
 Carole, Lee, and Mouse

 Rob and Mary
 Mouse and me! 

It really is amazing how something like a tragic accident can bring together people from all walks of life and connect them together for the good of someone else. Tony and I feel so blessed to have such solid, loyal people in our lives. Cheers to another 20 years of making things happen! 

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  1. What a wonderful event/community! Love the picture of you and Tony - his expression is hilarious!


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