Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kindergarten Orientation

Yes, you read that right... KINDERGARTEN orientation. This time of year is always a bit busy and stressful for me with the transition from summer back to work. As a result, this orientation crept up ... and I haven't even quite processed it yet. My babies are going to go to MY school. I don't know whether to cry or smile. They are going to be with me all day every day. I get to peak in on them, volunteer in their classroom, and have special lunch dates with my babies anytime I want.  I feel SO VERY fortunate to work at an AWESOME school that my children get to attended. Silver Gate Elementary is a hidden gem among public schools. So the saying goes...
 "School is Great at Silver Gate" 
Daddy met us at orientation because I had to be half mom, half teacher.
We are SO excited that we are in room 12 and Mrs. Sykes is our teacher. 
She is so awesome. The girls know her well and feel so comfortable with her and to top it off she is known as "the Mary Poppins of kindergarten"
Their classroom 
Ellie giving Mrs. Sykes a hug...
At orientation the girls got to meet their classmates, see their desk, meet their teacher, and color! 

I really can't believe that this time has come... I will cherish this last weekend, until you both and I fully submit to school and work. Lola and Ellie, this summer above all others, I will miss the  most. The summer before kindergarten started. The summer where my fondest memories were hanging at the beach with you both, simply playing in waves, watching you master boogie boarding, and spending endless afternoons with my favorite beach buddies. These memories will live in my heart forever. So it's onto starting a new chapter in lives together. 
I am so proud of both of you, my grade school girls. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

NJ and NY adventures

The last official whole week of summer vacation, the girls and I took a trip to see my brother Shaun and his family on the East Coast. Uncle Shaun, Auntie Katie, cousin Shae, and baby brother live in New Jersey. The girls have never been to their house and were ecstatic about the trip. They also did not remember flying on a plane before and were so excited to fly... little did these girls know they were in for a full day of adventure. We started our day with a 5:00 am wake up to "try" and catch the 6:55 flight to Newark, NJ. Yes, I was flying standby with two five year olds all the way across country. By some miracle we made it on the first flight and were off to Chicago. Uh..ohh, about 30 minutes before landing in Chicago our plane was diverted to St. Louis due to weather. 2 hours later, a total of 6 hour of flying we landed in Chicago only to get off the plane and sprint across the terminal to reach the final boarding stages of our connecting flight. Whoo - hoo- we made it!!! Oh wait my kids have not eaten since 5:00 in the morning and I have NO food. Good thing for nice flight attendants who found the girls some snacks. Through all of of this Lola and Ellie did not complain one bit ... not a whine, fight, or anything. The BEST girls ever ! We made it to NJ ... our luggage didn't make until the next day, but we didn't care- we were happy it all worked out! We made it and we're ready to have a fun filled week on the East Coast. 

My Jet Setters!

If you look hard you can see the St Louis Arch... cross that off the bucket list. 

Our view landing at Newark 
Yeah! We made it!!!

Shae was so excited to wake up at see Lola and Elie in her house!
The first day we took Shae to her swim lessons before heading to the Shore. 

Off to the Jersey Shore... Seaside Heights. 
We're splashing around in the warm Atlantic this day!

We found Jelly fish that doesn't sting...
After the beach we headed to the Jersey shore boardwalk for some Pizza, rides, and ice cream. So fun!
{Lola, Uncle Shaun, Ellie}

The girls were having so much fun dancing to the music on the boardwalk. On a side note... Loving Uncle Shaun Shirts. 

{Ellie, Stacie, Shae, Uncle Shaun, Auntie Katie, and Lola}

The next day we just hung at the house playing by the  pool and lounging with the neighbor kids.

Happy Hour by the back yard creek anyone? Yep?

A little girls time the next day... nails, park, and a little "classic" Nintendo

The Big City!
On Saturday we headed into New York City for two days of fun! We started with a stroll in Central Park, New York Bagel in Central Park anyone?

Next stop... the best toy store EVER!

OMG... an American Girl Store in NY 
The girls had no idea what to expect when they stepped into this store. I was a bit overwhelmed, so we headed straight to the third floor where the bitty baby stuff was. The girls were thrilled to find matching outfit to their Bitty Babies, of course we HAD to get them. 

Off to Broadway to see Cinderella!!!! SO Awesome

Time Square!
Ground Zero and the new Freedom tower. 
It was surreal to be there and take in this memorial ... no words...

We ended the first day in NY with dinner in Little Italy of course!

Slumber Party!!!

The next day we headed to Liberty Park to take in the view of Ellis Island and Lady Liberty

We ended the afternoon with a stop off in Hoboken for treats from the Cake Boss shop and a little yummy Breakfast. 
Tired, Tired, cousins... and a tired uncle too. 
What a week! So fun, so Awesome, and so great to hang out with my bro, his wife, and beautiful Shae. Thanks Shaun and Katie for hosting us and treating us so well! Love you guys. 

We bought tickets for the way back... a bit less stressful. 
Homeward bound. 

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