Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Koehler Campout

This vacation will be split in two posts, simply because I have too many pictures. Which it a good thing, it means we were all having too much fun! First we headed up to Pismo Beach for a camp out with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, as not all but a lot of the cousins. Then just our family of four headed down to Santa Barbara for a fun, relaxing few days (which will be in a post to come). 

Campground Fun ... Pictures in no particular order...
Liam(3), Aiden(7), Haven(9), Ellie (5), Lola (5), Athena (11)
Syndey (10mo) was the queen of the campground
Grandma and Sydney

 Mom always had A LOT of great food! 
 Smores over the fire propane grill... regulations :( 

 Movies under the stars.. Soul Surfer

This was Sydney's favorite toy!
My Ellie

Mommy and Lola
 Poppi and Ellie

 Our campground was very close the both Avila Beach and Pismo Beach. Each day we explored a different beach. The first morning, Matt and I were up before most and went for a walk to Avila beach to check it out.. I love the beach in the morning and also love getting in some very rare brother -sister time with my big bro Matt! 

Avila Beach in the AM
On the Avila Beach Pier they had this platform underneath where you would go and explore, in the morning the tide was out and we were able to see so much sea life...just look at all those star fish and sea anemones.

Avila Beach in the Afternoon with the gang! 

Under the Pier.. this time with everyone... and Athena is going to jump in and pull out a Star Fish. 

So Cool!

 A day well spent and topped off with some FRO-Yo! Happy Cousins! 

Pismo Beach with the whole gang... on my 35th Birthday!
It was a fantastic way to spend my birthday !

This time the grandparents didn't stay back to nap and joined us at the beach! 
Stacie, Poppi, Grandma, Lian, Haven, Ellie, Athena, Lola, Matt, Tony, Sydney, Mo, and Aiden.
On the Pismo Beach Pier

Time for a little birthday lunch... you know what that means... no rules!

 Yep, this was my lunch... once a year right? So good!
  We did a little shopping on in the beach town of Pismo before the kids begged to go in the water. 

Beach time with the cousins once again! This time though it was a rather chilly morning so we did not come prepared to go in the water. Rookie mistake- We should know by now that temperature means nothing to kids. Underwear in the Pacific yet again! 

A sand crab hatched it's eggs in Haven's hand... they were crawling all over. 
 Fun, Fun times! 
{you will see where these kids get it... hence the picture of their parents below}
 Maureen and Me

 Matt and Mo

What a great summer trip spent with some pretty fun and fantastic people! 
Off to Santa Barbara we go...

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