Wednesday, August 20, 2014

daughter dates!

Tony and I never get enough time with the girls one-on-one. So these nights are so special. I took the girls on individual "dates" while the other went with daddy. I absolutely love doing this. Our girls are so opposite, and thrive in a situation when the attention is all theirs.

First up- Ellie
Ellie wanted to go to Love Boat Sushi and sit at the "bar." So we headed down to the mall to find out Love Boat had closed. Next best thing, we headed across the way to Stacked and sat at the "bar" to order dinner and best of all a milk shake. 

Daddy took Lola to the candy shop and them home for Pizza and a Movie!
Ellie and Mommy's date- Dinner and a little school cloths shopping!

This girl loves her shoes. 

Lola and mommy were up the next night. We did pretty much the same thing as Ellie. A little shopping and dinner at Stacked, but I will tell you it was a completely different experience. I love how different our little ladies are. 
Daddy took Ellie to the same candy shop and then ordered Oggies delivery while they both enjoyed multiple episodes of Shark Week together. 

Mommy and Lola's date! This girls knew what she wanted and went after it! She is a shopper. 

Love, Love, Love these times. I can't wait to do it again. 

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